I am very new to mod rewrite. I need to redirect any user with "citzenhawk" parameter in their url to my url

for example


should result into


Here are my rewrite conditions:

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} (&|^)cm_mmc=(.)citizenhawk(.)(&|$)$ 
RewriteRule ^/rrs/ [NC,R=302,L]

Where am I going wrong? Is my RewriteCond wrong?


Try this:

RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} cm_mmc=(.*)citizenhawk
RewriteRule ^.* /rrs? [R=permanent]
  • Thanks j0k for your response. I do not have any testing environment and do not wish to put this in production without testing. Is there any online tool available so i can test this condition? Thanks again for your help. – modrewriteNewbie Aug 29 '12 at 18:39
  • If you a local computer with a running apache you can test it easily by create an index.php, a .htaccess (with the rules inside) and access index.php?sc=CX12N003&cm_mmc=affiliate--citizenhawk--nooffer-_-na&prfc=5&clickid=0004c845fa9a87050a4277221a003262 – j0k Aug 29 '12 at 18:48
  • I just tried on Windows7 Apache2.2.22 and it works if second line is RewriteRule ^.* /$1? [R=permanent]. – galeksic Aug 29 '12 at 19:09
  • Thanks a ton for your prompt answer. It works great :) except for one issue...i forgot to mention that when i get redirected to my website i would like to append url with rrs. For example if you type http://www.mywebsite.com/?sc=CX12N003&cm_mmc=affiliate--citizenhawk--nooffer-_-na&prfc=5&clickid=0004c845fa9a87050a4277221a003262, it should be redirected to http://www.mywebsite.com/rrs/ . sorry i forgot to mention this before. – modrewriteNewbie Aug 29 '12 at 19:16
  • Great! If my suggestion works, then try RewriteRule ^.* /rrs/$1? [R=permanent]. – galeksic Aug 29 '12 at 19:26

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