The Problem: I have made a complete backup from the cpanel for the whole home folder. I have placed this folder in the default home directory. Thereafter, i tried to restore this file from the WHM, but i couldn't find it. Does anyone know what causes such problems?

Additional Details:

  1. I am the administrator of the cpanel and i have complete access to the reseller WHM.
  2. Check more details below with images:

The Location of the Backup File in the cPanel

No Backups were found in the WHM panel

An error message of cannot restore is printed down upon trying to search for available backups for the username "admin"

Thanks in advance for your help! any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  • Point to note is that the restore method you are trying is actually used to "move" the account to another server. Follow @Randy's answer to "restore" on own server.
    – Sri
    Commented Dec 31, 2012 at 2:15

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You can't restore a backup of a User that already exists :(

If you have SSH

/scripts/restorepkg --force

If not, you have to terminate the account through WHM. Whichever you prefer.


It looks like your backup file is under /home/admin/ directory. You need to move it to /home/ directory, then terminate the account before restore the backup.

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