I've heard this term from a commentary about SEO but I don't believe they went into an explanation of what exactly it was. It sounds like an interesting concept - would anyone here be familiar with what it is?

  • +1 nice question, there are few resources that explain this concept clearly online
    – Daniel Li
    Aug 29, 2012 at 15:57

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Bookmark blasting is a variation of backlinking which utilizes social bookmarking sites to market content. It serves three main purposes:

1. Search Engine Indexing

By placing content on these actively indexed social bookmarking websites, it allows the link itself to be indexed, aiding search engine optimization.

2. Rank Accumulation

With the popularity of these social aggregators, multiple clicks via the backlink aids in incrementing the rank of your content.

3. Marketability

In general, posting your content on social bookmarking sites allows real users to engage and experience your material first-hand, allowing you to market your product in an effective manner.

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