I'm updating my font stacks and I'm finding contradictory information on the install base for Lucida Sans Typewriter.

According to this page and this page, it is installed on 99% of all Macs.

However, according to the List of Typefaces Included with Mac OS X (see Reference Links at the bottom of the page), it isn't installed by default.

Lucida Sans Typewriter is included with every MS Office release since NT (see here and here), but I can't imagine 99% of all Mac users have it installed.

Can any OS X users help clarify?


For those who really want to know, according to my research the font OCR A Extended is also installed by MSOffice along with Lucida Sans Typewriter. According to the statistics on codestyle.org, OCR A Extended has a 67% install base on Win machines only. Thus, a conclusion you could draw is that Lucida Sans Typewriter also has a 67% install base on Win machines only. However this information is probably still inaccurate because Mac users also use MSOffice, thus they should have at least a small percentage install base.

Hope this helps someone.

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Apple's own per-version font lists say no, repeatedly. (Linking to the Wikipedia refs since there doesn't seem to be an easy way to get them all at once at Apple's site.)
I just checked on a fairly stock OS X 10.7 install: it's not there.

You're right to think it's suspicious so many Mac users would have Office installed; This leads into why you shouldn't trust the information at those two sites: they're not backed up. For what it's worth, the OSX/Office market share has been pretty high[2009], but something like 99% really does need a citation. That said, when you account for the source of information(see next paragraph), it's possible to see how that number could become inflated.

Code Style's data looks useless. First, it's based on a survey, so the results are skewed toward a self-selected group of people who even know/care what fonts are and are generally going to be developers of some sort. These systems are always abnormal versus you likely building your sites for a general audience. Most importantly: 99% of what? There's not a single mention of how many people actually took their survey.

CSS Font Stack's percentages are, for any formal purposes, completely made up. Here's the entirety of the developer's explanation of the project.


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