Wondering about my google analytics visitor languages. It shows de and de-de.

Is there any difference between them, if yes what do they mean? Is there a possability to get them all together in one language?

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Well, I don't know how to merge them into Google Analytics, but I can answer the first question.

de or de_de are (obsiously) the same. They are Language tags.

  • de is a Language subtag
  • de-de is a Region subtag.

A few examples of language tags:

  • fr: French language,
  • en-AU: English language, as written and spoken in Australia,
  • az-Latn-IR, Azeri language, written in the Latin script, as used in Iran.

So, basically:

  • de is for German language
  • de-de is for Germain language as written and spoken in Germany.

This could sound weird, but there is also fr & fr-fr for example.

  • So it would be more locical to have only the language with the region sub tag. Like de-de (germany) de-CH (swiss) and so on... Aug 21, 2012 at 14:33
  • More logical, yes. But I guess GA use a custom way to retrieve this information (maybe from the user browser) and that's why you have different language tag.
    – j0k
    Aug 21, 2012 at 14:37

Couldn't find the exact match, but according to Microsoft there are differences between the German language spoken in various areas. Such as German Standard vs German Austria.

It doesn't answer your question completely but hopefully it brings you a little closer to the truth.

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