I would like to add a new field (select list of all menu-items) to the menu item-edit form. To do so I was setting up an system plugin with the following directory structure:

As you can see in the posted code, that is all very basic to try out.

Only after adding the following lines:

    <?php echo $this->form->getLabel( 'langroot-text', 'main' )?>
    <?php echo $this->form->getInput('langroot-text', 'main' ); ?>

to: /admininstrator/components/com_menus/views/item/tmpl/edit.php

a textfield shows up.

Is it possible to inject the field without touching the edit.php? Is there anywhere a good tutorial about the JForm API? Is a system-plugin the right kind, or could it be a content plugin, or should it even be a component?

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Try changing the line:

<fields name="main">

in your XML file to:

<fields name="params">

This way the plugin system knows that it needs to add this form in the params section of the admin interface.

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