I have read that Alexa updates its "Sites Linking In" only once per month (although ranking is updated daily, as I monitor it daily).

Are there any webmasters here who track "Sites Linking In" and know how often it is updated by Alexa?


I use Alexa for two of my websites. I have observed that Alexa Traffic Rank is updated on a daily basis, just as you described. That is consistent with the Alexa Traffic detail page.

Regarding "Sites Linking In", I have not observed the number changing very often. Alexa FAQ says that it is only updated once per month:

We update the number of sites linking in only once per month for all sites.

The only way to get daily updates of sites linking is if you pay for an extra Alexa service:

The links-in count for sites with an Enhanced Site Listing is updated daily instead of monthly.

All three of the fee-based Alexa plans include Enhanced Site Listing functionality, with daily updates.

  • Yes, Alexa only update once a month but you can get daily updates if you buy their Alexa Pro Package.
    – user19191
    Oct 17 '12 at 12:52
  • @DidYouKnow Yes, that is what I was referring to in my answer. It is called Enhanced Site Listing. Alexa has three different fee-based or "Pro Packages". Enhanced Site Listing is bundled with each of them, and as mentioned above, shows daily updates. Oct 17 '12 at 17:51
  • I have not seen any changes in back links of Alexa. Is there any other trustable website like Alexa to shows links? Feb 23 '13 at 21:07

Altho they are updating once a month But i found them very inaccurate. I have way more sites linking in, and it still in growing but alexa has lower than 20 links...

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