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I verified ownership of a domain for Google Apps with the text/html file option. Now I need to permanently redirect the domain to another server with .htaccess. Obviously google won't see file anymore.

So I have two options:

  1. Do nothing (same as deleting verification code).
  2. Move file to new server where htaccess is redirecting to.

Do i really need to drag around that file so my account stays verified? Or is it a one-time process?

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I deleted the file a few times and google asked me to verify again (which is the worst that can happen and is just a minor hassle of getting a new file on the new server).
I would just not move the file to the new server and just get a new one when google asks for it.

  • Yes, I think this is what I will do. – user11237 Jul 19 '12 at 7:02

From Google Webmaster Tools support:

We recommend that you don't delete the file from your server.

Better stick with their recommendations since it's a small file and won't cause you any trouble.

Edit: Some people there say that their Google Apps Email got broken after they deleted their verification file.

Edit 2: You can also verify by DNS, you won't need that little file on your server then.

  • I already did so many changes to DNS of my domain for making mail system work + anti spoofing verification entries... I cannot believe they don't see it and require yet another verification layer :S – user11237 Jul 19 '12 at 7:03