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What is the best stucture of SEO friendly URL?

Does the depth of an URL affect SEO/Pagerank? Is there any max or optimal level for URL depth?

If you have, lets say, a website to map all the vegetarian local businesses (restaurants, shops, markets, etc.) in the world, which URL format would you choose?

  1. http://example.com/restaurant/name/city/country/1234
  2. http://example.com/shop/name/city/1234
  3. http://example.com/market/name/1234

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Depends on whether you are trying to rank the leaves or the nodes. I.e. are you going for the "1234" page to be ranked or the "city" one? A deep structure favors the nodes, a flat the leaves. But it all depends on how the whole interlinking is done.

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