Currently I have a website with a list of audio products (essentially a search engine for audio deals). http://www.soundplaza.co.uk

Once you go to the details page, you can then press the 'view deal' button to go to providers site e.g. = http://www.soundplaza.co.uk/all-deals/113/bookshelf-speakers/acoustic-energy-1

This jump between two sites is a bit harsh and I would like to show a transition page, to simply ease them into another site and not scare them off.

Within this tradition page I will have a simple loading gif and some graphics showing that your transferring.


What is the best way to send the details (link, product name etc) to this transfer page, to then wait 5 seconds, to then move on to the desired link... this can in NO WAY damage my SEO, if anything rel="nofollow" would be great if possible.

I have seen that you can submit form to the transition page, then you can use php sleep and then php header to transfer... however I am not sure if php header will transfer SEO value to the provider?


Any redirect will work fine. Search engines follow HTTP, JavaScript, and meta redirects without issue. Use whichever method is best for your visitors.

  • ok great thanks... so it wont transfer my seo value over to the providers side if i use the php method then? Is there any way of attaching rel="nofollow" or would that not be necessary? – Theo Gulland Jul 8 '12 at 8:50

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