I have a jobs website. There are categories and sub categories e.g the URL for builders is www.mydomain.com/jobs/all/active/202/tradesmen/799/builders/county/all

Because of the framework I'm using (Elgg), the "all" and "active" come after the plugin name. Also, I need to do a lot of things with the URL: get the plugin (job), get the correct type of entities (all and active), get the category (202 and tradesmen), get the subcategory (799 & builders) and get the location (county and all). Is this URL SEO friendly or is it too messy? Is something like www.mydomain.com/jobs/tradesmen/builders/all better?

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It is OK.

Consider two things:

  1. use the all+active filters as defaults. that way you can omit them.
  2. use breadcrumbs rich snippet so in search engines results pages (SERPs) the URL will be structured to represent the actual hierarchy.

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