I'm a US citizen interested in buying an Italian TLD (*.it). However, those domains can only be registered by EU citizens or residents, or businesses with a registrant who is an Italian citizen and resident.

Are there companies that provide a 'surrogate' like service? They fulfill the requirements for registration but I can administer the domain properties? What are they and what can I expect to pay for the middleman?

Or am I a horrible person for even considering 'circumventing' the intent of the restriction?

  • If there is a way to use a surrogate service, it would be pretty risky on your part. According to the Registrar, that 'middleman' owns your domain. Also, you're not a horrible person to attempt to get a domain name that suits your purposes. As time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to find good domain names. Commented Jul 4, 2012 at 4:04
  • You're not a horrible person, it's completely legal
    – Anagio
    Commented Jul 4, 2012 at 13:00

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You can use GoDaddy

"You can register .it domain names if your country of origin is Italy, if you are a member of the European Union, or if you use a trustee service (which we provide upon registration)."


"If you do not meet the residency requirements, we automatically charge you a trustee vendor fee of $19.99 per year. The trustee helps you meet the residency requirement and is a third-party vendor. If someone contacts the trustee with an issue regarding your domain name, the trustee contacts us, and then we contact you."

  • Well, that was simple. I had been trying to move everything off GoDaddy (cause of their ads, the elephant bit, and just generate eye-bleeding design). But the trustee bit wasn't something that Hover.com, the service I've been moving to, offered. "You must use a fee-based trustee service (we will provide) to proceed. This fee is $19.99 per year of domain registration and will automatically be added." <- $19.99 doesn't seem like a bad price for that service. The domain hasn't appeared immediately in my cart after purchase but figure its just a matter of the Italian reg bit to happen. Commented Jul 4, 2012 at 16:16
  • @MatthewReinbold GoDaddy may not be the prettiest registrar but when you call them they answer and are in the US which is nice. The price is pretty good.
    – Anagio
    Commented Jul 4, 2012 at 17:24

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