I frequently have messages like this in my websites error log:

"Script error.". URL: https://e3m4drct5m1ays.cloudfront.net/items/loaders
Line number: 0 Error name: Stack: 

Now I don't actually know what cloudfront is or what it does. And I do not refer to this script in my site. So why would I be getting js error logged as if it was a script being run on my own site? This is using elmah logging.


Cloudfront is Amazon's Content Delivery Network. This answer should help explain the messages in the log: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9197918/why-is-cloudfront-loading-scripts-in-my-web-app-i-dont-use-it.

The conclusion is

As mentioned upfront already, I share the initial conclusion that the code itself is probably harmless, although the underlying technology can most certainly be (ab)used for malicious intents as well due to its very nature of mocking with client side JavaScript...

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