I am implimenting nopCommerce and need to accept credit cards, has anyone had any experience with a payment gateway that works in South Africa?

I had a look at Paypal but they don't support ZAR as a currency yet. The other payment provider that I was looking at is Two Checkout.

  • Are you looking for a provider that accepts ZAR as well or would one accepting ZAR only be sufficient? Would you be able/willing to hold/use a merchant bank account with a South African bank for this purpose? Sep 16, 2010 at 17:41
  • @user1970 2checkout has been around in business for a really long time, I used them ages ago and had no complaints. I would definitely try them again if I needed an international payment gateway. Nov 6, 2012 at 14:57

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You can also give www.moneybookers.com a try. They are based in Europe and are a competitor of PayPal. They do support ZAR for sure: http://www.moneybookers.com/app/help.pl?s=fees They are pretty decent, I've been having a personal account with them for quite some time.


One of our clients is an Australian company that accepts payments in South Africa in ZAR. The use a combination of http://www.securepay.com.au/ combined with a merchant account from the National Australia Bank that supports multi-currency.

You will have to do something similar. Most payment gateways will accept payments in the form of whatever currency you merchant accounts support.

However if I remember correctly, collecting payment in ZAR was a huge headache for them because of the regulations in South Africa because of the massive abuse of credit cards in general.

I'm fairly sure they had to get a bank account open in South Africa, which involved them actually having to go there in person and spend a week there signing paperwork and having background checks done. So unless you're actually in South Africa this could be more trouble than it's worth.


You can give www.gogopay.com a try. They are based in Europe and accepts major credits cards with transaction fee around 1.5% to 2.6%. Their payout days are 7,14 or 28 days. Check their website.

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