This is my first question on this "forum" please be indulgent with me if my questions are somewhat too simplistic for you. i joined this community in order to improve myself and help others.Thank you.

I received a mail from my hosting company saying the Zend Framework 1.10.8 site that am responsible for (the first one that i developed myself) is been hacked. so the moved the content of public_html to public_html_hacked . someone actually managed to upload 2 php files db5.php sys.php. I need to get the site back up.

The only thing i managed to do is to change the cpanel password. I've changed the public_html permission to 754 but i think that's not going to work.

Please give me advice, best pratices and guidance. Thank you for reading this

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The responses to your question on stackoverflow are pretty much correct, you need to either prevent executable files being uploaded to your site or prevent uploaded files from executing, perhaps both.

I don't have enough experience with Zend to give you good advice about hardening, beyond the above. I suggest that the Zend forum is the best place to find further information on that subject.

  • notes taken very seriously, will get back when i get something working. thanks for the response.very much appreciated May 22, 2012 at 14:12

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