I'm trying to verify my website so it appears on google, I think, I'm very new with all this. However, it doesn't seem to be an option... My website is host in dropbox and the domain is free. Is that why I cannot verify? Have tried the different methods, but nothing.

This is the web: www.angelinajoliemagazines.tk

  • Be more specific. What do "doesn't seem to be an option" and "but nothing" mean? Do you even get an indication that verification is pending and then it fails, etc.
    – Su'
    May 20 '12 at 19:20

You won't be able to verify your .tk domain, as if I recall the free .tk domains work by creating a hidden frame containing your website, so still loading your website from your Dropbox (imho an absurd setup idea).

So Google will see you .tk domain as a frame loading a website from dropbox.com.... which obviously you won't be able to verify. You need to get a proper webhost! There are plenty of free ones out there, at the very least then you'll have your own subdomain.


Just choose to verify by adding a meta tag to your page, add the provided meta tag into your code and you should be good.

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