I'm trying to set up Interspire's Email Marketer for a client. I have a working configuration of it on the VPS but this one is having issues! I have transferred it from their old server and setup the new database...

I'm thinking it could be something to do with the PHP settings / MySQL memory or buffer.

When I send to a small list, it works fine, but when its faced with a larger list it won't do the business... it won't even start sending.

I've been comparing the two configurations:

I've been getting these errors from Interspire itself:

Error Resource is not really a resource Internal May 15 2012 07:20:05 Location::

/var/www/vhosts/intelligentmedia.co.uk/servedby/admin/functions/api/jobs.php (Line 1068)
Error Table 'imsemailsender.email_user_permissions' doesn't exist Internal May 15 2012 07:20:05 Query:

SELECT l.listid, l.ownername, l.owneremail FROM email_lists l, email_user_permissions p WHERE l.listid IN(198) AND l.ownerid = p.userid AND p.area = 'lists' AND p.subarea = 'bouncesettings'


/var/www/vhosts/intelligentmedia.co.uk/servedby/admin/functions/api/jobs.php (Line 1065)
Notice Undefined index: ownerid Internal May 15 2012 07:15:54 Undefined index: ownerid in /var/www/vhosts/intelligentmedia.co.uk/servedby/admin/functions/send.php at 213 File Line Function /var/www/vhosts/intelligentmedia.co.uk/servedby/admin/functions/send.php 213 HandlePHPErrors /var/www/vhosts/intelligentmedia.co.uk/servedby/admin/com/init.php
548 Send->Process /var/www/vhosts/intelligentmedia.co.uk/servedby/admin/index.php 76

   Notice       Undefined index: jobdetails    Internal    May 15 2012 07:15:54    Undefined index: jobdetails in

/var/www/vhosts/intelligentmedia.co.uk/servedby/admin/functions/send.php at 212 File Line Function /var/www/vhosts/intelligentmedia.co.uk/servedby/admin/functions/send.php 212 HandlePHPErrors /var/www/vhosts/intelligentmedia.co.uk/servedby/admin/com/init.php
548 Send->Process /var/www/vhosts/intelligentmedia.co.uk/servedby/admin/index.php

I know the top error is to do with the wrong bounced address... I think. Would this stop the send to that list?

I've checked the server logs, and I'm not getting any errors.