I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question but I want to become a web programmer for my occupation very soon. I actually went to a store known a PC WORLD in the UK where my laptop wasn't working. Anyway the person on the counter was talking to me about certain thing and then he found out that I am currently doing web and database programming in my master studies.

Now he has a mobile repair website but he hasn't got a database. He is thinking of calling me in the future as he really wants a database created for his website. I always like a challenge so I think I will probably agree to do this job for him.

But what my question is that first of all, if a person already has it's own website and he wants me to create a database for him, then which server do I use, do I use the server he currently has or is it up to me to find a server to link to.

Second what is the best database software to use, he said he is thinking of using Access which I said to him don't do it on Access. I was thinking of using either Oracle or MYSQL but I think Oracle is expensive, I don't know about MySQL. I am thinking of using PHP to link between his website and the database.

Third of all if somebody asked you to create a database for a small business website, how much would you charge that person. What is a reasonable price?

Thank You (If this is not right place to ask this question, can you please tell me which stack exchange site I should go on to ask this question. Also which correct tags can I use for this question)

  • What would the requirement be for the database (on the website)? Just curious as the client suggested Access. Ok, the client might not have an idea about web development technologies, but then again, maybe it is really a desktop application (contacts/works database) they are after? Just a thought. – MrWhite May 9 '12 at 14:51

MySQL is free, well documented and supported, and absolutely scalable for any reasonably-sized business need. It is a secure, mature system. If this is going to be your first real-life application with a database, I'd start with that one. There's no point in choosing Oracle or any paid option for a small mobile repair website — unless, of course, you are the mobile phone provider yourself.

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