Say I buy a domain foo.com - can I easily use GMail to receive and send emails from an address of that domain. For example, admin@foo.com?

Is this possible or do I have to install a mail server on my VPS? I would prefer something free.

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  • Do you need to send mail from your VPS through Google Apps for Business, or will you only need to send and receive through the Gmail-style interface? – danlefree May 6 '12 at 3:21

Yes, you can use Gmail if you sign up for Google Apps. You can find the free version here: http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/business/pricing.html


Yes in Gmail you can click on your setting gears icon click the Accounts and Import tab, and you will see an option called under the Send mail as: section called Add another email address you own here you can add your own email address to use sending from gmail but as your@domain.com

zoho.com has free mail hosting for up to 3 accounts


No you cannot use GMail to:

...receive and send emails from an address of that domain.

You cannot receive e-mail via GMail that is directed to your domain unless you have a catch-all forwarding setup which requires a mail server.


To receive E-mails you will need to install mail server on your vps. You can either add e-mail account as pop or imap to your gmail. To send E-mail you can either use your own outgoing server (smtp.foo.com You will need to configure it in Gmail)or gmail's outgoing server.

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