Google Search displays a link to a file in my application, which is located in a certain folder structure.

I would appreciate if someone help me in knowing how google picked up this file in its search result. (#1)

(#2). I would like to know the method how to avoid a URL hit from certain site to this particular file in this folder.

My application is developed in MVC 3, ASP.NET C#.


1) Google picked it up because it is linked from somewhere. Maybe you posted it on social networking site or had a test site which that was getting indexed by Google. In Google, search using the following to find what other links have been indexed.


2) Best way to stop search engines picking it up is by using robots.txt file. If you have a Google webmaster account you can generate one in there for free. For more information read this helpful guide by Google; Block or remove pages using a robots.txt file

2 a) If you want everything blocked (users as well) you can use a 301 redirect

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