I own a Joomla commerce store and although I use Google Analytics in order to track visitors, I need to install a cookie manager in order to be able to track cookies that were installed on customer when he punctuate an order.

To be more specific , I am planning to join an affiliate network and I need somehow to track no only the last visit of a customer but if he has a cookie and from which affiliate network as well.

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There are many components within the Joomla extension libaary which should be able to help, here is a couple as an example:

For even more check out Joomla extensions library for Affiliates

If you can't find something suitable then sadly your need to make your own or have someone do it for you.


I didnt install another 3rd party component in order to avoid extra "weight" on existing site, what i did was to create a few php lines in the head of the template where i was checking if current page had a parameter in the url similar to affiliate network has when drivers visitors from their network to my site. If page was same i was created a cookie with same life-time as affiliates. Finally on every order that is punctuated in the site, i am checking my cookie is exists on that customer, if so that user should be from affiliate.

Its not ideal but its worked for me & i avoided any 3rd party component.

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