any recommendations for a service that would fill the following 4 requirements:

  • Gather a list of the most tweeted articles
  • within a 24hour time range
  • for a given site domain
  • Easily loaded client-site (javascript or an iframe)



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    Most tweeted...from where? Your own site? And if so, given that "for a given Twitter account" doesn't seem to make sense, since it would be other accounts sending out tweets to these articles. Can you explain that more clearly? Also, are you specifically looking for a service or possibly also a self-installed tool? (Someone else added the looking-for-a-script tag, which may not apply.) – Su' Apr 12 '12 at 3:50
  • Sorry, i reworded that - thanks for pointing out. I added a mockup of what i'm trying to achieve. Thanks for help! – sthg Apr 12 '12 at 4:10

You can write a basic script using the twitter api to return the information.

Notice: As of April 1st 2010, the Search API provides an option to retrieve "popular tweets" in addition to real-time search results. In an upcoming release, this will become the default and clients that don't want to receive popular tweets in their search results will have to explicitly opt-out. See the result_type parameter below for more information.

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