I understand there are tools on the net to make a sprite, but I'd like to learn how to create icons for the different states of the icon. Is there an easy way to make all these different variations of this icon:

alt text

(Also, can you tell me how I can better word my question so it doesn't sound like I'm asking for sprite advice?)

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If I understand your question, and you already know that a sprite is really just an image-combining-image, then the last part you need to know is about the CSS.

The CSS is what associates a portion of your image with a state. You create the html representing the button, assign it a class, then you write up your CSS.

    background:url('my-button-sprite.gif') top left no-repeat;
.my-button:hover{background-position: 20px 0px;}

Just add an appropriate horizontal offset (the first number) to bump the sprite where it should appear for the desired state.

  • Virtuosi Media is right, sprites can be used for more than just button states. One one of my sites I have a sprite that combines all of my buttons, bullets, icons AND horizontal repeat images. My CSS is pretty clean, assigning the background to 30+ elements at once, then only adjusting the offsets for each. This dramatically cut down the number of requests and page load time. Commented Sep 3, 2010 at 21:35

Hover images aren't the only use for a CSS sprite, you can also use a sprite for static images or different icon states. You would create a single image pretty much like you have given as an example and use different CSS background coordinates for each icon state. The trick is just getting the background coordinates right.

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