Is it possible to post system-wide messages in PHPBB3?

I'm performing a server move today. The server has a pretty busy PHPBB3 forum on it.

I'm going to lock all forums during the DNS update.

I'd also like to post a system-wide message informing the forum-users about the server transfer.

What is the best way to accomplish this in PHPBB3?


There are some Annoucnment mods you can add.

If you use the Global post setting that will display your message on each forum topics page too.


Yes. You must allow the sending group permission to mass PM and you must allow the receiving group (registered users for all users) to receive mass PMs in Manage groups.

From this post in PHPBB3 forum

Another option is to export all their email addresses and send out a newsletter to all of them letting them know of the upcoming updates and possible downtime

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