I need to create users and give them ftp access to a specific paths (e.g. mike -> /var/www/html/mike ; bob -> /var/www/html/bob ) I'm using Centos / linux server. Is there any plug & play solution ? I've played around a bit with ftpd but couldn't set proper user access as specified above.

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I always use vsftpd it has excellent access control for both real and virtual users, you can also set their FTP directories no matter if the user exists or not.


and a nice installation tutorial http://linuxforfun.net/2008/04/05/vsftpd-virtual-users/


I've just installed ISPConfig 3 on my Centos VPS and it's been brilliant. It takes some configuring but once that's done you'll be impressed with what it can do.

I used this tutorial when setting my server up. It's a good read and very helpeful.

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