I noticed recently that my tmp directory is starting to fill up and it seems that it is filling up with file that start with dompdf_img_*. Whatever program that is creating these files is not cleaning them up or not cleaning them up as often as I would like. Does anyone know what program creates these files and if there is a way regulate how long they are kept on the server?

Using CENTOS 6.2 x86_64 and WHM 11.30.6

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Seems to be related to the dompdf library. Since you seem unaware it's even on your site, it's probably being used as a library by some utility or plugin for a CMS, for example. Does your site offer a feature to download a given page as a PDF? That would be the first place to look.


Dompdf is a html to PDF converter, it has a PHP rendering engine and reads in external style sheets.

The project lives at http://code.google.com/p/dompdf/ I'm sure they have a support channel that might be able to help get the cleanup correct.


Find out what part of your site generates PDF files, as they said in other answers it's part of the Dompdf php library.

You could use a shell script to clear your tmp folder and set a cron job to run as often as you'd like

rm -rf /tmp/* 
rm -rf/var/tmp/* 
fsck -A

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