I tried downloading the blue image in myheritage.com by right clicking. But somehow I always get the picture with parachute no matter where I right click in the blue area. I downloaded the complete page in firefox and then opened images the blue background was missing. How did they manage to do that? Would like to know the method.

PS: I went through FAQ of webmasters.SE, nothing was said regarding the explicit mentioning of a third party domain name in the question so I am going ahead and posting it.

Edit: How is the image above 955M profiles is also not available to download when we right click?


The background of that page consists of several semitransparent images overlaid on top of each other. When you right-click on the page and select View Background Image (or equivalent), you'll get the image that happens to be the topmost layer at the spot you clicked.

If you click near the top, you get this image of a balloon; near the middle you might get this blue-white gradient and at the bottom you'll get this picture of people on a field.

I don't think there's any deliberate attempt at trying to prevent users from downloading the images involved here, although certainly some sites do use transparent background image layers to try to make saving images more difficult.

Ps. The silhouettes above "955M profiles" are part of this CSS sprite, which I found by inspecting the element in Firebug.


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