I have a Wordpress site on a Debian/Linux dedicated server, with a Backupbuddy plugin for making automatic backups.

The plugin, however, gives an error 'Your server does not support command line ZIP'.

My knowledge of Linux commands is very limited, but I managed installing zip with the command sudo apt-get install zip

However, I still get the same error message. Plugin documentation mentions the problem could also be caused by disabled exec() or safe_mode - but exec isn't disabled, and safe_mode is off.

Any ideas what might be causing this, or how to fix it? The only thing I could think of, is it might be caused by wrong permissions?

  • try: "yum install zip" and if it still doesn't work - switch to user-root and try again
    – Nir Alfasi
    Mar 2 '12 at 19:24
  • thanks for the comment - however, that's not the problem, yum doesn't work, and the command I used results in zip already installed...
    – ptriek
    Mar 3 '12 at 16:11
  • Update BackupBuddy to latest version as there as been some fixes on this issue.

  • Backupbuddy says to do sudo apt-get install zip unzip (in your question you didn't mention that you had unzip install thought you might).

  • Even though you have edited php.ini make sure these rules are being read create a info.php with the following code and point browser to this file.

  • Ensure the zip and unzip is in the PATH environment variable

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