I am about to purchase x.yz or a.bc (not those, but same lengths). I want to sell subdomains like rst.x.yz to the public, and would be able to run my own DNS servers for it. Is there a system (iPanel or something, preferably free) that I can do this automatically, where the user purchases a domain and enters the IP to point it to (I am not hosting files) and have it create instantly? I am really trying to avoid the PayPal API as not to spend time re-inventing what could possibly exist already.

Do you think I should just stick with cPanel and let users make their own accounts and be touted a "reseller" ?

Other questions:

1) Should I run my own DNS servers as a backend to this? 2) How much to charge, and for one-time fee, monthly, or yearly? 3) Should I stick with redirects, or actually handle the DNS?

  • I don't understand why this was closed as non-constructive. It asks clear questions and I'm in a similar situation and it would have been nice to see some answers here. Jul 2, 2013 at 6:25


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