Suppose that my domain is example.com. I have set as a primary email address at Google Apps/Gmail this address me@example.com.

However I want to check the email of info@example.com through Google Apps.

I know I can add it through Gmail->Settings->Accounts->Send mail as/Check mail using POP3.

Is there another way around?


There are three ways to acheive this with Google Apps (standard or enterprise):

  1. Create a 'nickname' (otherwise known as a email alias). This will allow any email sent to info@example.com to appear in the inbox of me@example.com.

  2. Create a group (otherwise known as a distribution list). This will allow email sent to info@example.com to appear in the inboxes of me@example.com, you@example.com, or them@example.com. You can have anything from 1 to 1000 users in a group and if you'll be adding other users later this may be the best approach.

  3. Create a separate account and check it via pop3 with your existing me@example.com account.

IMHO if its only you accessing this extra account then 1 is your best option, if you think one or two other users might need to access it together now or in the future then go for option 2.

Option 3 is best for email accounts not managed by Google Apps.

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  • 4. Create a separate account and make it forward for faster delivery – SLaks Feb 15 '12 at 16:51
  • @SLaks how would this achieve faster delivery when you could do 1 or 2 and not make it run through another gateway - with those options you'd get the message much faster than my 3 or your 4. – toomanyairmiles Feb 15 '12 at 17:00
  • I meant faster delivery than your 3. (although I can't imagine that forwarding is more than a second slower than 1 or 2) – SLaks Feb 15 '12 at 18:16

Assuming you have a Google Apps for Business account

You need to add a user account:

  • Goto this link
  • Login to 'Domain Management'

Or, if you're already logged in under your Apps account...



Under the 'Organizations and Users' menu you can add more accounts.

Note: I'm assuming that you already have gmail enabled for your domain so an email account will automatically be added/enabled for new users. If not, you can enable it under the 'Setup' section of the 'Dashboard'.

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