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I am working on a community project which is website served as a yellow page of shared artworks among students. At first, I planned to do the website myself (say, Drupal), but worried about the maintenance effort, bandwidth, security, scalability, etc. So I am looking for a public service (e.g. tumblr or wordpress.com) ...

The project:

  • each student post the artwork (one preview image and one attachment) somewhere on the net
  • then the student loggin in the yellow page website to:
    • write a title and description of the artwork
    • upload the preview image
    • write the link to the download artwork
  • any students can download the artwork, the website records the download count
  • any students can vote a 5-star rating, the website records the rating count and calculate the average
  • any students can view artworks via the web, sort by newest, rating or download count

Is there an existing website which can provide such a service?


If its art related you might have a look a deviantart.com, it would seem to be the most suitable home for your project although I don't know the details of the service they offer.

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