I created a website for a client as seen here: http://einzigartig-reisen.com/

Notice the clock icon in the right sidebar. Works fine on first load. Now reload the page (by pressing F5 or the reload icon) and in all Webkit Browsers that I tested (i.e. Safari on Windows and Mac plus Google Chrome) the clock icon will be gone.

Why the hell is that? It ONLY happens on a reload of the same page, it does NOT happen when you navigate between pages and it does NOT happen in other browsers!?

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Had a look around and found this question over at Stack Overflow, and some other threads, apparently this is a header problem.


Images which contain the "content-length" header randomly disappear, removing this at the server side solves this bug...

You can use a Firefox addon called livehttp headers, this will confirm if the content-length header is the issue.

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