I am trying to create a sub domain like labs.7sisters.in for the folder with document root public_html/7sislabs . If I visit the site http://7sisters.in/7sislabs/ its working fine . But http://labs.7sisters.in , its showing something else ! I don't have the cgi-bin directory there .

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1) In the case of "http://7sisters.in/7sislabs/", the web server should have a subdirectory "sislabs" under it's document root.

2) In the case of "http://labs.7sisters.in", your DNS should be configured to have some host "labs.7sisters.in", and the web server on that host should probably be configured for a virtual server "labs".

3) Each server and each virtual server can be configured to have its own cgi-bin (or any other resource directory), and the configuration may alias the same physical directory, or may point to different directories. Your choice :)

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    My pleasure. Here's a short tutorial that gives you a flavor of setting up virtual servers on Apache. On IIS, of course, it's just point-and-click: ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/01/09/… – paulsm4 Dec 28 '11 at 5:54

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