I am intersted in using the Schema.org hierarchy to help users define "things" that they add to my custom CMS.
For example if they wanted to add a "person" to my CMS, they would have to add all the fields from Thing and Person.

I am looking for an XML document or some other document that I can parse to generate the hierarchy of required fields.

A tree of elements with their fields and data types would be perfect.

Basically I am looking for this entire document in XML format or some other computer readable format (JSON, ect.): http://schema.org/docs/full.html


I believe you are looking for schema.rdfs.org - pertinent links:


The canonical, machine-readable representation of Schema.org is in HTML+RDFa:


Each Schema.org release (starting from 2.0) is available as a frozen snapshot in HTML+RDFa (example for 2.0) and in N-Triples (example for 2.0).

An experimental JSON(-LD) version, and an obsolete RDF/XML snapshot are available, too.

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