I have a large video files about 1 hr in duration, with different sections of the video corresponding to different distinct sub topics . For example, the whole video may be about an yoga exercise routine , with 10 minutes segment for different yoga positions.

I want to have the video meta tags "<video:tag>"for each of the yoga position for the video file.

The problem is that if someone searching for 'YogaPosition_5' clicks on the link, I do not think they will sit through the videos for 'YogaPosition_0' through 'YogaPosition_4' to get to 'YogaPosition_5'.

So is it possible to create multiple "<video:video>" elements for the same video file with one <video:tag> for each Yoga position long as long as I specify correct time offeset in the <video:player_loc> element like so

<video:player_loc allow_embed="yes" autoplay="ap=1">

for each corresponding <video:tag> ?


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Sitemaps are intended to list the individual pages of your blog, not every way something might view those pages, eg. via anchors. The video extension tags follow the same pattern: they're for listing what (whole) videos are on a given page. If the separate videos were accessible in some way, and then aggregated into your viewer with a playlist function, then it'd be appropriate to list them separately. But as you're describing right now, the multiple URLs would likely get ignored.

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