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What Forum Software should I use?

I want to build a new blog (on Wordpress) and I want to insert a forum in the website. I don't want to use PhpBB for the forum section (too complex to configure and manage) and I'm searching a simple solution.

The feature I absolutly need:

  • like/don't like button in every post
  • polls
  • attachment and image upload
  • tag system for the post

Other appreciate features:

  • import post from another PhpBB forum
  • FB connect (for the user login)
  • integration with wordpress
  • reserved section (for only a group of user)

At the moment I have found these solutions:

  • bbpress: all feature above but it doesn't have the "like/don't like" button
  • OSQA: I don't know if have the pools and attachment function

Anyone can help me and suggest other solution?


Vanilla Forums has all of those features, though you will need to install the voting plugin and a poll plugin to get the poll and like/dislike feature.

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