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What Forum Software should I use?

I want to build a new blog (on Wordpress) and I want to insert a forum in the website. I don't want to use PhpBB for the forum section (too complex to configure and manage) and I'm searching a simple solution.

The feature I absolutly need:

  • like/don't like button in every post
  • polls
  • attachment and image upload
  • tag system for the post

Other appreciate features:

  • import post from another PhpBB forum
  • FB connect (for the user login)
  • integration with wordpress
  • reserved section (for only a group of user)

At the moment I have found these solutions:

  • bbpress: all feature above but it doesn't have the "like/don't like" button
  • OSQA: I don't know if have the pools and attachment function

Anyone can help me and suggest other solution?

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Vanilla Forums has all of those features, though you will need to install the voting plugin and a poll plugin to get the poll and like/dislike feature.

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