Just to confirm that my assumptions are correct (if not, please let me know where I'm doing wrong):

  • My domain refers to jkwsp.com
  • The registrar where I have registered my domain is hioxindia.com
  • My domain is hosted at ixwebhosting.com

I have access to DNS settings in the registrar as well as in the hosting.

Setting 1.- At Registrar DNS Setting: Name server is already entered by registrar.

  • Q1.1. If I do A record to the IP given to me by the host, will it work?
  • Q1.2. For subdomain should I make Cname record or a new A record point to the IP given to me for subdomain by my host?
  • Q1.3. To access my site as http://jkwsp.com and http://www.jkwsp.com do I have to make the entry as: *.jkwsp.com to IP OR jkwsp.com to IP and www.jkwsp.com as Cname?

Setting2.- At Host:

  • Q2.1 Point the NameServers given by host in Registrar NS record and remove all A record mentioned under A record at the Registrar?
  • Q2.2 A record and subdomain entry is already created by Host. Since NameServer is pointed to Host now setting at host will take effect and A record will point to my site? And any future change needs to be done At Host Only?

In Both Settings which one should be preferred?

  • accepted the answers as it worked but still have contradiction as settings 2 is not known to me.
    – rain
    Dec 20, 2011 at 6:31

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  1. It should. Try it and see.
  2. For the subdomain, it depends on how your host sets things up. I think it's easiest to have the host also host DNS; that way they can set some of these things up automatically. For my host, it's a separate A record, though as long as the IP addresses stay the same, CNAME should also work.
  3. I would have the bare domain served from an A record and use a CNAME for www.
  • Thanks for Answering, i assume these are for Setting-1 At Registrar.
    – rain
    Dec 6, 2011 at 16:13

Q1.3: Use an A record for your www. It's slightly more efficient as your nameserver does not get hit twice. If www is a CNAME, the browser/web client will look for www.jkwsp.com and then will have to ask again for the IP address of jkwsp.com.

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