I know PNGs are pretty much supported across most browsers if not all at this point.

Are Animated PNG or APNG supported if PNG is supported or are they separate?

Do e-mail programs have the same support?

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I was about to post PNG are cannot be animated but then a quick search ... argh!

Wikipedia mentions an extension for chrome, and has a link to this test - your - APNG - support page

The page seems to kind of work in Firefox and Opera, but it's not very informative and seems in a sort of experimental state still. Then animations are not the most exciting I have seen either, we have pretty cool animated .gif lying around the web after all these years of practicing with a limited format. This png, I hope the animation is just a bad example because I was expecting more.

It doesn't work in standard Chrome, Safari or IE either.

Anyhow, it seems we have yet to see throbbing/pulsating .png laden web pages yet.

So I figure it may be a while until any mail clients support APNG. Unless Google jumps in, you know how they always surprise us with all the cool stuff.


From what I've seen, only Firefox (at least v8) supports APNG. One method you may like to implement is to use the Javascript method demonstrated here:


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