I am just creating sitemap for my site and wanted to find out if I should include # links for SEO?

For Example:



Does this help with SEO or because the page is essentially the same just conflict?

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No, you shouldn't include # links. They refer to the same page, and the sitemap is saying how often the page changes (as well as page structure).

In fact, your server won't get a request for the #. The browser, or crawler bot, requests the URL www.mydomain.com and then when it retrieves the page jumps to the part of the page with the id of comment1, say.

(With Ajax crawling it's a different matter, but you're probably not using that.)

  • Hi, Thanks for the advice I was pretty sure that it wasn't worth including them but just wated to make doubly sure. Thanks
    – Dino
    Nov 23, 2011 at 11:45

Your sitemap file is intended to list the individual documents/pages on your site, not anchors.
Doing this makes no real sense. If you did this, what would stop you from also including every other conceivable anchor link, eg. index.php#nav, index.php#sidebar?


These answers pretty much cover it all but if you want a good list of best practice tips for both HTML and XML sitemaps for SEO have a look at this:


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