Waht non-commercial (free) good video player can yous suggest in order to put on my webpage? I am doing it first time and have no idea what is now being widely used.



Is http://videojs.com/ video player good? (format support, reliability, fast download, comparability ???)


You can use Flowplayer: http://flowplayer.org/

It's the best player I've ever seen. Easy to use, customize and integrate with other solutions like ajax or lightboxes.

Plus, it's HTML5 compatible an has a variety of plugins and vast documentation.


Youtube embedded?

Or there are others such as flowplayer and jwplayer

Or use html5's <video>


I think this resource can help you: 21 Free Video Players For Your Website and Blogs. Anyway, if you want to use HTML5 stuff, you can use the new video tag.

Edit: I used videojs and it worked well for me.

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