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I am going to build a new shopping cart project for my client and I have a little confusion about shopping cart framework in php. I have read about more shopping cart framework, but I can't get the right way to use a perfect framework for my project.

The requirement of the project is:

Inventory management
UPS shipping integration

Please anyone help me out to choose the right frame work and start my project as soon as possible.


My work experience tells me that you should go with "Virtue Mart" for Joomla.
or "wp-ecommerce" for Wordpress.

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The best cart solution I've used is by far OpenCart, it has a lot of functionality and a lot of implementable plug-ins, and the majority of carts, including OpenCart tend to have shipping functionality inbuilt.

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Is, simply put, the best you can possibly do today.

The free community version is absolutely brimming with features. Be prepared for a heavy dose of php mvc, however, if you need any customizations. It is, frankly, a very large and complicated system - but a basic install isn't any more difficult to set up than wordpress.


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  • How can it be the best and be complicated at the same time? – John Conde Nov 16 '11 at 20:11

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