I have 2 domains: www.my-domain.co and www.mydomain.us.

Both are pointing for the same server, for example if you run www.my-domain.co/file.html, it's the same with www.mydomain.us/file.html.

Now ... I began the SEO for www.my-domain.co, submitted in Webmaster Tools, sitemap, links etc. I supposed www.my-domain.co will rank good for my domain keywords. After 1 year I change the domain from Webmaster Tools to www.mydomain.us which has no links pointed to him, and now the question come:

If I begin the link building (dofollow blogs, formus, link directories etc.) once more on www.mydomain.us it will get double link juice?

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What you'll get is duplicate content issues. That's not good. You need to choose which domain is your primary and do a 301 redirect from the secondary domain to the primary domain. Then you should solely seek links to your primary domain. But if someone points a link to your secondary domain it will count towards your primary domain with only a small dampening factor. This also applies to existing links so if you do switch domains the old links will still help you (minus the dampening factor).

  • so what are you saying is that i must hurry up changing domains, because this is bad ... and i must admit, i have not ranked good for over 2-3 month for now ... i dont know what to do ...
    – Row Minds
    Nov 5, 2011 at 21:18
  • @Row Minds Just do a 301 redirect from your .co domain to your .us domain and do SEO for the .us domain if you want to see the .us domain as your new primary domain.
    – cberg
    Nov 6, 2011 at 11:39

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