I am going to employ the services of a graphic designer, to create logos/ images for my website for the following sites:

  • Facebook (corporate page)
  • Twitter (twitter account for the business)
  • YouTube (youtube channel for the business)

I can't seem to find a consensus view on what image sizes are required, or if I can use one image size for all three websites.

Does anyone know the answer, or can someone point me to where I can find this information?


You can upload pretty much any size you want and the services will resize to suit (what they can resize to is listed below).

Facebook: The max is 540px high by 180px wide.

Twitter: Has 2 - 73x73 px and 48x48 px. You can also see the image full size by clicking on it in a users profile.

Youtube: Is 88x88 px.


Thanks to DisgruntledGoat for the comment, I have edited it with his additions.

  • All the services allow you to upload larger images which are then resized for you. And Twitter allows users to view the full size image. – DisgruntledGoat Nov 4 '11 at 10:07

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