I'm at a stage with a Magento store I'm developing where I've added all the products (all 6000 of them) and now would like to configure related products to up my conversion rate a bit. I was wondering if there was an extension anybody knew of that functions similarly to this one, with the most current version of Magento (Community Edition, 1.6.1).

If not, would anyone be able to provide some pointers for writing a script that will run through each product and add 1-5 related products. I have a fairly basic idea of taking product title text and just doing a simple text similarity query between other product titles for now, just to get some related products up there, but the Magento database isn't making a terribly large amount of sense.

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this. :)

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I hadn't noticed they'd released a newer version of the extension I linked, for anyone in the same dilemna.

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