We're setting up a simple website with PayPal. We've implemented a bunch of Add to Cart buttons and they're working well.

But we assumed we would also add a View Cart / Checkout button at the top, so that the customer can stop shopping and complete his purchases. I know the customer can - in PayPal - finalise/checkout any time he clicks on an Add to Cart (so he should do it on his final add) but he may not have known at that stage that it was his final purchase.

Surely there's some PayPal code we can drop onto our View Cart / Checkout button which will take the customer direct to his PayPal checkout?

But the PayPal page listing button types doesn't have a checkout button:

enter image description here

Note: this question isn't about the button image (we're doing that ourselves), it's about what plumbing to put in behind the scenes.

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Oh, I see now. It's an option within (actually, right near the end) the process of creating your Add to Cart button.

enter image description here

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