Sometimes when i google i see this result

Are you MyTwitterName on Twitter? If so, you can see more results like this by connecting your Twitter account to your Google Account. Learn more

How does google know my twitter name? I checked and it doesnt seem to be an iframe. I know sites are not able to access other sites cookies/data for exploits (stealing cookies/hijacking account but also for privacy) reasons.

So how does google know my twitter name? Is twitter making that info accessible to every site i browse (and if so how?) is google guessing by whats on my browser (referals maybe?) or using data in my gmail account?

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    Is your twittername the same as your gmail account name? – paulmorriss Oct 3 '11 at 15:09
  • @paulmorriss: Pretty much. My email has a dot while twitter does not. But i may have seen it shown my friend account which is different (however his name is on his gmail) – user1585 Oct 3 '11 at 15:13
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This is done "algorithmically."
There's an expandable section under the yellow highlighted bit that provides some explanation:

Bob, whose Gmail address is surferguybob@gmail.com, is signed in to Google and searches for [ california surf spots ]. He may see a surfing webpage shared by his friend Alice on Twitter, as well as a message asking him if he wants to connect his Twitter account, surferguybob, to his Google Account. If he confirms, twitter.com/surferguybob will be connected to his Google Account, allowing Bob to see more search results from the people he publicly follows on Twitter in the future.