I have been using Blogger from past 2 years and happy with it.

Recently I read many articles saying WordPress is far more better than Google Blogger in terms of SEO. That can be true to some extent.

But what I think is if you have good content and SEO optimization, your blog and site will get higher rank irrespective of your using WordPress or Blogger.

What can I do to improve my Blogger's rank?

I have been reading SEO articles from last 2 weeks and thinking of implementing some of the things in my next post.

I am implementing following things for better SEO. I would love if someone would correct me if I am making any mistakes.

1.Titles are important and the URL too. Blogger allows 40 characters in URL that's why I post the title with keywords in it and then I re-post it with the actual title I want users to see.

For example: if my post is about "Best outfits" I will post with title "worlds best women men outfits clothing" which has keywords and Blogger will create url like www.xyz.blogspot.com/06/11/worlds-latest -best-women-men-outfits

Then I can re-post it with new user readable title "World's Best Outfits For Men & Women, Latest Trends in Outfits"

  1. The first 200 words of the post are important, so I try to use the relevant important keywords at the beginning of post. But keyword stuffing can get my blog de-indexed from Google, so I try to make sentences from the keywords. For example I am writing about iPhone. I would use following line to start my post

    "Article about iPhone, iPhone's release date, its features functions & price. Is Galaxy s2 better than iPhone 4"

    I am not sure if it is right or wrong ethically.

  2. I try to give links of my another post at the starting of my current post or ending of my post. I have read somewhere that links containing keywords are weighted higher in search engines and search engines give more importance to starting and ending of the post.

  3. I try using keywords in the whole post whenever it is possible, Around 7-8 times. I take care that I'm not stuffing keywords unnecessarily.

  4. I use 4-5 labels(tags) for every post containing keywords and I show labels just before the post and after the post.

  5. I keep at least 10 posts on my home page and label cloud and blog archive too.

  6. SEO experts say Use H2 tags for important keywords & titles. I am not sure, but does it really help? I try to put titles in H2 or H3 tags and if I am using titles inside the post I try to use H2 tags for it.

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  • I do not "enjoy" closing questions. This question was not closed because an answer was posted elsewhere. It was closed because you are asking the same question as the one marked as a duplicate. SE sites do not allow the same question to be asked over and over again. Once is enough as any question can be improved and answered at any time. – John Conde Oct 3 '11 at 12:52

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