I have a website where I have many of the programs I host, and I am looking for alternatives for publishing ads. The reason why I'm asking is because traffic on my site has more then tripled the ad revenue has gone down.

I know about google adsense and adbrite.

Requirements are:

  • Control over the ads
  • Regular ads
  • (bonus) Ability to control the ads via "type" like automaticly block moving/annoying clash ads

My site has over 20k pageviews a month.


  • +No minimum requirements for traffic.
  • +No adult ads
  • +Some times gives out free ad money, so you can advertise you site.
  • -Very limited control over the ads ( You can block specific domains where the ads come from).
  • -Many "scammy" ads over products that seems to good to be true (IE download X to fix your computer).


  • -Can't really say much about them, I "gave" them 250k page views and I got less then 1 dollar in revenue back.

When adding information about an ad publisher, please provide some basic information to help others viewing this topic. And if your willing provide personal experience also.

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  • It might help to know the subject matter of your site. Some ad providers are genre specific. – Virtuosi Media Aug 9 '10 at 23:05
  • Not gonna add more information about my case, as its community wiki now. So hopefully make it so generic that others will enjoy the information provided to. – EKS Aug 10 '10 at 20:12

Project Wonderful is something used on Schlock Mercenary and the I remember the owner, Howard Tayler, talking about similar control issues.


What about OpenX? They even got a hosted service.


Burst Media

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