Is there a way to track new incoming links to my website?

When I visit "Traffic Sources -> Referring Sites" in my Google Analytics account I have a list with 5,391 sites so its quiet hard to discover new sites which link to me. Is there a way to just show new links?

How do you differ between new and old incoming links?

Update: I might have found a solution: http://tumblr.goloso.cl/post/1185978899/new-referrals-links-as-google-analytics-goals

I will test it and report if it works.

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Sadly the Google Analytics way didn't work for me(I might have messed up the code a bit, still, I tried a few things to fix it without solving the problem).

To solve my problem I build my own little tracker. Every referrer which is not already in the database will be saved. It's not perfect and I might have to improve a few things (doen't save referrers from search engines, etc.) but its working the way I wanted it.

Nice addition: I can click on the links directly while in Google Analytics I had to first click on the "domain" to see the whole url path and click on that.


On that same screen, above the graph on the right, look for Advanced Segments. Click the drop-down widget next to it. In the resulting box, there's a "Default Segments" column, with a "New Visitors" Option. Is that what you're looking for?

  • New visitors isn't really what I'm looking for, more like new referrals. I'm looking for an option that shows me new referrals, which aren't already tracked. For example Link A links to my site and the first week visitors are coming to my site with that link, Link A is shown as "new". As soon as one week has passed and visitors come to my site over Link A, this link is not "new" anymore. Sep 20, 2011 at 21:49
  • maybe if every referral in Google Analytics had a "first tracked date" I could order the list and see new incoming links. Is there something like that? Sep 20, 2011 at 21:51

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