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Could I buy a domain name to increase traffic to my site like this?

Let's assume we have a generic website "MyWebsiteAboutGamesAndThings.com". We discover that a lot of people are searching for "Make games".

We find that the domain name MakeGames.com is free so we register it with the assumption that a keyword specific domain such as this will rank favorably for the search term we have discovered.

We now have two options with the domain name:

  • We can 301 redirect MakeGames.com to MyWebsiteAboutGamesAndThings.com
  • Or we can make a simple webpage on it that intends to feed visitors to MyWebsiteAboutGamesAndThings.com.

The reason for registering MakeGames.com was to target that specific search, however I have a feeling that you lose the benefit of the keywords in the domain by 301ing it. Is it better to make a sort of landing website for MakeGames.com? If you 301 the domain to MyWebsiteAboutGamesAndThings.com will it now rank better for the search Make games? Which is a better method?

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    There is another question that covers the landing page question. Once I find it i'll link to that one, too.
    – John Conde
    Sep 9 '11 at 1:49